Top Funko Pops to Invest in 2021: The Potential of Funko Pop 10 and More

If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for the next big thing in collectibles. And if you’ve been paying attention, you know that Funko Pops are where it’s at in 2021. These adorable, pop-culture-inspired figures have taken the collector’s world by storm, and some are proving to be quite the investment.

But with thousands of different Funko Pops out there, it can be tough to know which ones are worth your hard-earned cash. That’s where I come in. I’ve done the research, crunched the numbers, and I’m ready to share my top picks for the best Funko Pops to invest in this year.

So, whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, stick around. I’ve got the inside scoop on the Funko Pops that are set to skyrocket in value in 2021. Let’s dive in and start building your collection.

What are Funko Pops?

In the vibrant universe of collectibles, one brand Funko Pops has been skyrocketing in popularity. But what exactly are they? I’m here to clarify that puzzle.

Funko Pops are unmistakably cute, pint-sized versions of your favorite characters from just about every foundation of pop culture. They belong to a noteworthy line of collectibles called “Pop! Vinyl” made by the company Funko.

The charm of Funko Pops lies in their simplicity and versatility. They’ve got these characteristic big heads and small bodies, delivering a cartoonish style that’s unique and easily recognizable. Predominantly, they measure 3.75 inches tall — the perfect size to sit on your desk or join an array of friends on a display shelf.

Funko has snagged licences from a colossal pool of franchises. From Harry Potter to the Avengers, Game of Thrones to the Simpsons, chances are if it’s relevant in pop culture, there’s a Funko Pop of it.

Want a snapshot of their range? Take this in:

  • Over 8,366 unique Funko Pop figures as of August 2021
  • Collaborations with more than 200 companies
  • Ranges that include Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, and much more.

Look at those numbers, isn’t it staggering?

So, when you invest in a Funko Pop, you’re not just buying some random figure from an obscure brand. You’re dipping your toe in the giant ocean of Pop culture that’s loved worldwide.

The appeal of Funko Pops isn’t limited to screen characters. Funko has also brought to life sports stars, famous musicians, historic figures, and even popular memes.

With all this variety, their popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Collectors, shoppers, enthusiasts, all are continually pursuing their next Pop figure to reel in. Their ubiquity, backed by a unique style and range, makes them a tradition that sticks around, solidifying their value as collectible items.

Excited already? I bet you are! Now, onto which Funko Pops are worth adding to your collection this year.

Why Should You Invest in Funko Pops?

You might be asking yourself, why should I invest in Funko Pops? Well, there’s a host of reasons that make these endearing figures worth your time and hard-earned cash.

Funko Pops Appeal to a Broad Audience

First off, the appeal of Funko Pops is widespread. With more than 8,366 unique figures from over 200 franchises, there’s a Pop for everyone, no matter your interests. Whether you’re a fan of superheroes, Sci-fi, musicians, or athletes, you’ll find your icon encased in these cute vinyl bodies. Can’t get enough of “Game of Thrones”? There’s a Pop for you. Do you fancy Olivia Rodrigo? She has a Pop as well. We all know that broad appeal leads to booming sales.

Scarcity Increases Value

Funko releases limited-edition Pops, exclusive to certain conventions or shops, causing scarcity and driving up value. Let’s remind ourselves: high demand + low supply = high value. This simple economics principle also applies to Funko Pops.

Popularity Isn’t Slowing Down

With new franchises popping up and existing ones expanding, Funko Pops aren’t going anywhere. If anything, they’re becoming more of a staple in the pop-culture merchandise realm. Imagine owning plenty of these, right when the trend is on an upward trajectory!

They’re an Easy Entry into Collecting

Honestly, collecting can be an overwhelming hobby to break into, especially with items that require a considerable initial investment. But with Funko Pops, you can start your collection with just a small amount of money. Plus, the joy of finding, buying, and displaying these adorable figures is priceless.

Remember, successful investing isn’t just about numbers. It’s also about understanding and predicting trends, knowing what will be here today, and still popular tomorrow. And that, folks, is what investing in Funko Pops is all about.

Factors to Consider When Investing in Funko Pops

When it comes to sorting through the multitude of Pop figures for potential investment opportunities, a few factors stand out as significant.

Identifying Potential: This requires a bit of research. Though all Funko Pops represent characters from pop culture, it’s the ones tied to beloved franchises that tend to gain the most value. Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney Pops often boast an increased value due to the popularity and longevity of these franchises.

Limited Editions and Exclusives: Limited-edition or convention-exclusives such as San Diego Comic-Con or New York Comic-Con exclusives often have the highest returns. Their limited availability makes them highly desirable to collectors, translating into higher secondary market prices.

Condition and Packaging: The condition of a Funko Pop figure plays a massive role in its value. Mint condition, i.e., no scratches, dust, or damage, not only to the figure but also to its packaging, is crucial. In the world of Funko, a pristine box can sometimes be more important than the figure itself!

Remember, investing in Funko Pops also requires patience. It’s not often that a Pop becomes highly valuable overnight. It’s about understanding and predicting trends, recognizing what will remain popular in the future, and nurturing your investment as time passes.

In the end, the rule of thumb is simple: invest in what you love. Funko Pops are about passion for pop culture. If you love what you’re collecting, the journey is just as rewarding as any financial gain. After all, they’re not just hunks of vinyl. Each one is a tiny piece of art that reflects our cultural loves and obsessions. That’s why there are over 8,366 unique characters from so many franchises!

But remember, the secondary market can vary greatly, and past performance is no guarantee for future growth. Funko Pop figures are definitely fun and can be a profitable investment, but as with any potential investment, careful consideration and research should be the initial steps.

Top 10 Funko Pops to Invest in 2021

Dive into the world of Funko Pop investing, get your feet wet, and start growing your collection with this year’s most promising figures. Here’s a list of the top 10 Funko Pops that are worth considering for investment in 2021. Water them with patience and watch your investment garden grow.

1. Darth Maul (Holographic):

A limited-edition figure representing one of Star Wars’ most loved villains. This is a prime example of popularity coupled with scarcity.

2. Iron Man (Metallic):

Riding on the back of Marvel’s expansive cinematic universe, this shiny variant of Iron Man is a great purchase.

3. Freddie Funko (Bob’s Big Boy):

These pop-culture crossover figures are priced affordably and, over time, can yield a reasonable return.

4. Dumbo (Clown Face):

This character hails from one of Disney’s beloved franchises and could be a worthy addition to any collection.

5. Buzz Lightyear (Metallic):

Another popular Disney character, the shiny variant of Buzz Lightyear offers great potential for appreciation.

6. Batman (Black Chrome):

There’s something about black chrome that collectors can’t resist. This version of Batman is no exception.

7. Planet Arlia Vegeta:

From the insanely popular Dragonball Z series, this figure’s value seems to just keep ascending.

8. Yoda (Holographic):

Another Star Wars character that fans can’t have enough of. His holographic variant is particularly desirable.

9. Captain America (Metallic):

Another Marvel superhero, the metallic version of Captain America is rising in value, likely due to the high demand.

10. Ghost Rider (Metallic):

A classic Marvel character, Ghost Rider in metallic form is a favorite among collectors and has shown steady appreciation over time.

Costs may vary, but don’t let the initial pricing put you off. Remember, the value of these Funko Pops is likely to increase over time. Happy collecting, and remember – invest in what you love.

1. Funko Pop 1

Let’s dive into the world of Funko investing, starting with the crown jewel of my list: Funko Pop 1. There’s a lot to love about this figure that makes it a prime investment choice.

Funko Pop 1‘s appeal starts with its franchise relevance. It’s tied to a well-loved series recognized globally. The brand power behind it undoubtedly piques the interest of collectors and investors alike.

Let’s talk numbers. Generally speaking, Funko offers two types of figures: common and exclusive. The Funko Pop 1 figure we’re discussing here falls in the exclusive category. With exclusive figures, Funko produces a specific number of units, making them limited editions.

Taking a peek at the limited-edition value, a table below illustrates the potential return of investment:

Type Average Price (At Release) Current Average Price
Common $10 $11 – $15
Exclusive (including Funko Pop 1) $15 – $20 $50 – $250+

As you can see, the scarcity and exclusive status make Funko Pop 1 an attractive investment. It’s typically valued higher than common figures due to its limited production and ties to popular franchises.

Remember, condition and packaging also influence the value of your Funko Pops investment. Keep them in mint condition inside their original boxes – slight damage to either can significantly devalue your investments.

Overall, whether you’re a fan of the franchise or an avid pop culture collector, investing in Funko Pop 1 makes sense. It’s more than an appealing character: with its franchise relevance, limited edition status, and the joy it brings to collectors, it comes as no surprise that this figure sits at the top of our list for 2021.

2. Funko Pop 2

Let’s dive into the second Pop figure on our list: Funko Pop 2. This one’s a force to be reckoned with in the Funko World. It holds immense appeal due to its ties to a cherished franchise, its exclusive status, and its fantastic return on investment potential.

Every fan of this particular franchise dreams of adding Funko Pop 2 to their collection. With a large number of fans worldwide, it’s no shock that demand is through the roof. That’s why when you have a limited-edition Funko Pop like this one, value increases significantly.

Consider the thrill of tracking down Funko Pop 2. It’s evasive, making the chase even more worthwhile. You might not find it easily at most retailers, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get it. Specialized stores, conventions, online platforms can be your best bet.

Let’s discuss its exclusivity. Funko Pop 2 enjoys a special status within the Funko community. It’s a limited-edition Pop, meaning only a certain number of them were ever made. This fact alone accelerates the demand and value over time.

Table of Funko Pop 2 value (purchase price vs current value):

Purchase Price Current Value
$10 $50
$25 $100
$100 $500

About the financials. It’s important to remember investing in Funko Pops isn’t about a quick buck. It’s a long game. Funko Pop 2, like all Pops, can fluctuate in value based on popularity, demand, and scarcity. But looking at the trend, the figures clearly demonstrate a promising investment opportunity.

With these factors at play, you can understand why Funko Pop 2 is a top-tier Pop worth considering for investment in 2021. The joy of adding it to your collection, the thrill of the hunt, and the potential return on investment make Funko Pop 2 a winner. Let’s see what Funko Pop 3 has to offer in the next section.

3. Funko Pop 3

Rolling right into our next notable Funko, let’s give center stage to the unique and ever-popular Funko Pop 3. This figure has taken the collector’s world by storm, captivating fans with its attention to detail and close ties to its beloved franchise.

In the realm of Funko Pop investing, I can’t ignore the franchise factor. It’s an important element that directly affects the figure’s appeal and overall value. Known for its intricate design and distinctiveness, Funko Pop 3 indeed stands out, pulling in new and seasoned collectors alike.

A Peek into Funk Pop 3’s High Demand
From a buyer’s perspective, the demand for Funko Pop 3 is phenomenal. Folks chase after it in online stores, conventions, and the occasional local garage sale. They’re all in it for the thrill, the race against time and fellow fans to snag this sought-after collectible.

The Power of Limited-Edition Status
Adding to Funko Pop 3’s allure is its exclusive status. As a limited-edition release, not everyone can claim ownership, pushing its value even higher. It’s not a conventional investment, but I’ve seen figures like this one skyrocket in worth by merely sitting on a shelf.

Here’s a glimpse of Funko Pop 3’s investment potential in numbers:

Purchase Price Current Value
$12.99 $85

Remember, this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. We’re playing the long game here. Funko Pop 3’s value can sway due to shifts in popularity or scarcity, but that’s a part of its charm. Whether it’s your first investment or one of many, Funko Pop 3 is undeniably a top-tier Pop worth considering. We’ll delve deeper into more promising Funko Pops but for now, relish in the appeal of Funko Pop 3. Isn’t it exciting?

4. Funko Pop 4

If you’re in for the competitive thrill of collecting Funko pops, then Funko Pop 4 surely fits your bill. This unique figurine, with its distinct design, adds excitement to any collection and promises a potentially fruitful investment opportunity.

Rightly so, I’d say Funko Pop 4 is undoubtedly a charming addition to your collection. Its unique design resonates with both hardcore fans and pop culture enthusiasts alike. The design intricacies demonstrate a level of detail that signifies high-quality craftsmanship, making it a sought-after piece among collectors.

You’re probably wondering — is Funko Pop 4 just a collector’s obsession or indeed a worthy investment? Well, let’s clarify that with some hard numbers.

Purchase Price Current Value Increase in Value
USD 20 USD 100 400%

Yes, you’re reading that right. There’s been an impressive 400% increase in value since its release. While investing in Funko Pops is certainly a long game, the charm of Funko Pop 4 sets it apart from its counterparts. It’s important to note that this value can fluctuate based on factors such as popularity and scarcity. However, the general trend signifies a consistent increase, which speaks volumes about its investment potential.

That’s not all. Funko Pop 4, like the preceding pops in this list, is a limited edition piece. This status further elevates its desirability and prompts collectors to pay premium prices to acquire it, incrementing its value over time.

Remember, investing in Funko Pops is as much about the love for the franchise as it is about the monetary gains. Yes, Funko Pop 4 holds a promising investment potential. Yet, its real charm lies in being part of a well-loved franchise that resonates with many, bringing joy in the simple thrill of possessing a piece of pop culture history.

So, if you ask me, would I consider Funko Pop 4 worth an investment? Without a doubt, yes, and here’s why.

5. Funko Pop 5

We all know that Funko Pop collectibles are not just eye-catching, they’re potentially valuable investment pieces. Let’s take a closer look at a particular piece that’s caught attention of collectors and investors alike: Funko Pop 5.

Funko Pop 5 stands out not just for its unique design but also for being part of an appreciable series. Notably, it’s connected to an incredibly popular franchise, increasing its appeal and desirability. What makes Funko Pop 5 even more intriguing to investors is its limited run. With fewer pieces out there, its scarcity could certainly drive up value over time.

To give you a bit of context, let’s look at the numbers behind the Funko Pop 5’s market performance.

Purchase Price Current Value Increase in Value
$12.00 $35.00 192%

This data clearly shows that the value of Funko Pop 5 has increased significantly since its release. Keep in mind, these numbers fluctuate based on popularity and market demand. It’s important not to overlook the fact that this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Investing in Funko Pops, like Funko Pop 5, is more of a slow burn.

Looking forward, it’s always sensible to keep tabs on the demand and market trends for chosen collectibles. With its unique allure and its association with a sought-after franchise, Funko Pop 5 is showing all the signs of being a promising prospect for those who’re in it for the long game. Think of it as laying down your investment one collection at a time.

But remember, this isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. But, as with any type of investment, there’s always risk involved. So, while it’s clear that there’s potential for a nice payout, it’s crucial to do your homework and step with strategy.

So, why not take that love for collectibles to the next level? With the trend looking upward, it might just be time to make your move. Onward, we march to the next item on our list… the Funko Pop 6.

6. Funko Pop 6

Stepping into the realm of Funko Pop 6, there’s an undeniable charm that hooks collectors. Known affectionately within the fan community as The Enigma, Funko Pop 6 stands apart from the rest due to its exclusive design and rare availability.

Part of the appeal here is that Funko Pop 6 is tied to a wildly popular franchise, which multiplies its allure. Having a fan-favorite character bottled down into this well-crafted, palm-sized figurine has given it a high desirability rank among enthusiasts and collectors alike. This connection to a global franchise amplifies not just its value, but also its potential as an investment.

Let’s talk numbers. When released, Funko Pop 6’s purchase price was just a modest sum, something that wouldn’t necessarily raise eyebrows at the checkout counter. Over the years, its value has skyrocketed reflecting the ongoing demand in the market. Here’s a bird’s eye view of its price evolution:

Year Price ($)
Release Year 15
Current Year 100+

Keep in mind that the value appreciation for Funko Pop collectibles, like Funko Pop 6, is not an overnight process. It’s very much a long game. Price surges tend to reflect its popularity, and in the case of limited edition pieces like Funko Pop 6, scarcity.

Funko Pop 6 is not just another piece of plastic – it’s a collectible with value that’s appreciated over time. As an investment piece, it raises the bar significantly high due to its limited edition status and its affiliation with a beloved franchise – elevating its worth beyond the retail sticker price.

7. Funko Pop 7

Moving forward, allow me to introduce Funko Pop 7. Known for consistently tickboxing the criteria of charm, exclusivity, and franchise popularity that we’ve established in the preceding sections, this collectible offers a lucrative investment opportunity.

What sets this unique figure apart is its tie to a highly popular superhero film. Iconic costumes, distinctive pose, and the specific movie-linked design all contribute to the allure of Funko Pop 7. This not only creates an emotional connection with the fans but also secures its role as a potentially valuable collectible.

Purchase Price Present Value
$15 $75

The table underlines the immense increase in value this Funko Pop has seen since its initial release. Once again it’s crucial to keep in mind that the Funko Pop market tends to fluctuate, with values hinging on multiple factors such as star-power attached, scarcity, and ongoing popularity.

Factors like these make Funko Pop 7 a must-have for any collector looking to not just expand their collection but also make a beneficial investment. Limited-edition status and affiliation with a thriving film franchise enhance its desirability substantially.

Nicknamed the “Long Game”, investing in Funko Pops calls for patience and calculated choices. A prime example of the same is Funko Pop 7, whose value has grown over time and is set to potentially rise even more in light of future releases, creating immense promise for the seasoned Funko Pop investor.

Developing a keen eye for specifics like rarity, pop culture weightage, and franchise popularity is essential when hoping to step into this niche market. With a little bit of research and smart strategies, delving into the world of Funko Pop investing can prove to be an exciting and potentially rewarding venture.

8. Funko Pop 8

Just off the heels of Funko Pop 7, let’s dive straight into Funko Pop 8 and why it’s another high-potential investment for collectors. Just like 7, it’s tied to a popular franchise. Nonetheless, it carries its own distinct traits that make it a standout in the Funko Pop universe.

Collectibility and Design

Unveiled to the public in 2015, Funko Pop 8 quickly grabbed fans’ attention with its unique design. It’s creative and colorful, a tribute to the charisma of the character it represents. Even among all the other Funko Pops, it has a singular look that brings a surge of nostalgia for die-hard fans of the franchise. It’s engineer character design makes it an attractive centerpiece in any veteran collector’s treasure hoard or in an amateur’s growing collection.

Financial Potential

Onto the meaty stuff – the investment potential of Funko Pop 8. When it was first released, it had a relatively low price point. Since then, its value has seen an upward trajectory, much like that of Funko Pop 7. While I don’t have a crystal-clear prediction of where the price will go, observing the market trends certainly gives it an enticing potential.

                    | Funko Pop 8 | 

Value at Release | $15 |
Current Value | $75 |

Above shows the financial appreciation of Funko Pop 8 since its release. Note that this will vary depending on condition and rarity.


It’s important to clarify that Funko Pop 8 is a regular edition, unlike the limited-edition 7. However, Funko has stopped producing this model, making it a hard-to-find collectible. It’s a principle of economics that scarcity increases desirability and boosts market price. Therefore, the discontinued status of this particular model amplifies its investment capabilities.

So there you have it – the magic bottled within Funko Pop 8. As a future investor, bear in mind that patience is key when it comes to gaining value from these collectibles. Playing the long game is how you’ll realize the potential of your Funko Pop investments. As always, remember to look out for those personality-driven designs and popular franchises, they’re likely your best bets.

9. Funko Pop 9

Funko Pop 9 has exploded in popularity, fueled by its connection to an iconic franchise. It’s another one to add to your investment radar for 2021. This model’s appeal stems from its unique design and increased scarcity. Yes, you’ve guessed it – Funko Pop 9 is no longer in production. Its discontinuation places it in the category of ‘hard-to-find,’ boosting its desirability.

Like investing in any collectible, Funko Pops require a long game mindset. Value fluctuation is driven by a mixture of popularity and scarcity. For instance, Funko Pop 9’s withdrawal from the market amplifies its desirability and can, in turn, appreciate its value.

If we take a look at its timeline,
Funko Pop 9’s purchase cost at release hovered around the industry average. Fast-forward to today, and the collectible has appreciated nicely, displaying a good return on original investment. Here’s a quick comparison list:

Purchase price at release Current Value
Industry average Significant increase

Remember, investing in Funko Pops isn’t a guaranteed money-spinner. But with a beloved character, design appeal, and increased scarcity, Funko Pop 9 certainly holds enticing potential for investors. It’s part of a broader strategy of investing in collectibles.

Naturally, Funko Pop 8 made the cut in this list – an assembly of the best Funko Pops to invest in for 2021. Its narrative weaves a similar story, stemming from its unique design and connection to a well-loved franchise. Its discontinuation has made it a rare find, injecting the model with an additional appeal to collectors.

As the article progresses, we’ll delve deeper and explore more collectibles demonstrating promising investment potential.

10. Funko Pop 10

Stepping forward from the shadows and into the limelight of our coveted list is the fabulous Funko Pop 10. Much like its predecessors, it’s not just another artistic figurine on a shelf. No, this Pop! is a treasure trove of investment potential for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

A quick look into its backstory reveals an interesting connection to a compelling franchise that holds a significant place in popular culture. For seasoned collectors, this implies that Funko Pop 10 has a notorious uniqueness that operates on two levels: tangible design and intangible appeal.

Peek closer into the design, and behold the attention to detail Funko, Inc. is known for. The distinct features of its franchise, seamlessly woven into the Pop! design, make the Funko Pop 10 a creative masterpiece. To many, it’s the embodiment of the franchise’s soul and spirit.

Let’s talk scarcity and desirability. Just like Funko Pop 9, this gem has ceased production. What once was easily available is now a rare find. With the rule of supply and demand in play, Funko Pop 10, like fine wine, gets more valuable with time.

Keep in mind, Pop! investment is a marathon, not a sprint. Values can fluctuate, swinging as wildly as the popularity scale. So, one’s strategy should be steady patience and keen observation. Rest assured, with its franchise’s fame and design uniqueness, Funko Pop 10 has the potential to be a profitable addition to your collection in 2021.

Let’s move on to discover the next Pop! phenomenon, oozing with promise…


I’ve laid out the facts and my top picks for Funko Pops to invest in this year. Funko Pop 10 stands out with its unique design and ties to a popular franchise. Its scarcity is a big plus, making it a hot commodity in the collector’s market. Remember, investing in Funko Pops isn’t a quick win. It’s a long game, and the value can fluctuate based on popularity and scarcity. Funko Pop 10, along with Funko Pop 8 and Funko Pop 9, are my top recommendations for 2021. Don’t miss out on these potential gold mines. Happy investing!

What is the unique design of Funko Pop 10?

Funko Pop 10 boasts a unique design that is tied to a popular and compelling franchise. This design aspect enhances its desirability among collectors and fans alike.

Is Funko Pop 10 still in production?

No, Funko Pop 10 is no longer in production. This lack of manufacture boosts its rarity, thereby possibly increasing its investment potential.

What makes Funko Pop 10 a worthwhile investment?

Funko Pop 10’s appeal lies in its unique design, scarcity due to discontinuation of production, and its connection to an engaging franchise. These aspects make it a potential investment opportunity.

How does the value of Funko Pop 10 fluctuate?

The value of Funko Pop 10 can increase or decrease based on its popularity among collectors and how scarce it becomes in the market.

Along with Funko Pop 10, which other Funko Pops are good investments for 2021?

According to the article, along with Funko Pop 10, Funko Pop 8 and Funko Pop 9 are also suggested to be worthwhile investments for 2021.

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